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If you are passionate about radio control, you have a lot in common with RC Models.

Our most interesting offer is the Schnellboot S-100 Fast Craft at 1/72 scale, which can be delivered in a short time and with an affordable budget, maintaining an excellent quality standard. We built the Revell model (48.6 cm in length, 184 pieces) by equipping it with two-channel radio control, and propelling it with two motors, each connected to a speed controller and powered by a rechargeable electric battery. You can purchase it directly through Paypal, on Ebay, or ask us about it in the contact form.

On the eBay page of centroeuropa, as well as on MaquetasRC's Youtube channel , you can find this and other of our projects and see them in action. If you are an RC expert and want to cooperate with us, write it in the contact form or by mail to the coordinator.

To reach that naval RC modeling have many more fans, we are convinced that it is possible to develop projects that facilitate faster construction and lower costs, without detriment to quality. If you are an entrepreneur or investor and are willing to talk about these possibilities, we are also waiting for your message.

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