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Get unique, high-quality objects with an affordable price, like this Titanic 1/200 (Trumpeter) made by Santiago Mata as the world's first RC model of this kind wich made its maiden voyage (see video of the World Premiere and pictures in its own section).

the Schnellboot S-100 Fast Craft at 1/72 scale. Click on the picture above to see this video of the working model.

Take a look at the same S-100 Fast Craft at 1/35 scale, controlled with 3 motors and 3 rudders.

Try this 1/350 scale aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin moved with 4 motors and 2 rudders.

For any question about radion control modeling by hobby, challenge or opportunity, write to us:

Click to see the video of HMS Hood sailing

History at Scale

With MaquetasRC you have the opportunity to recall your favorite historical episodes on the scale you choose. In this case, we see this Trumpeter 1/200 scale model constructed by Santiago Mata which made the fist RC voyage of a model of this kind. Know more about this World Premiere on the section dedicated to this model.

Click to see the video of Fast Craft S-100


Unique items

RC Models outperform with their quality any toy, and also the static models by motorization and remote control. See it in the case of this speedboat Schnellboot S-100 at 1/72 or 1/35 scale.

Click to see the video of Bismarck sailing


Live Reality

In an increasingly virtual world, MaquetasRC offers the opportunity to have in your hands the exact reproduction of a mythical ship and see it in action, in this case the battleship Bismarck at 1/200 scale.

Project coordinator:

Santiago Mata


Tel. +34 690 334 585